Meet The Spatularette

Hi, I’m Meg Jones aka The Spatularette!  Welcome to my kitchen and to my life.  I’m glad you stumbled upon my little space in the far off corners of the blogosphere.

meg jones 2

This is the place where I share my stuff: mostly recipes, but with some travel, fitness, lifestyle and a helping of 20-something drama mixed in for good measure.

I grew up in a small town in northwest Pennsylvania, but now call the big, beautiful city of Philadelphia home. I love the city life, although I think it’s pretty obvious when you meet me that I’m still a small town girl at heart.

During the day I work at a surprisingly not boring desk job where I spend 40+ hours a week crunching numbers, leading meetings, and talking about airplane parts. I’ve been super blessed to work with an awesome group of people and to get to support a cause that I care about dearly. Despite all that, it’s still a desk job so I’m usually ready for a creative outlet when I break free from the cube farm each night.

Enter my love affair with food.

When I graduated college I didn’t know how to cook a lick, but I was living on my own with a small budget in a new city, so eating out wasn’t an option for me.  I started cooking out of necessity, but realized almost instantly that I didn’t want to spend my twenties sustained by Hamburger Helper and jarred past sauce. I figured if was going to be cooking every night, I might as well get good at it! So I started buying cookbooks, reading blogs, calling my mom with questions, and learning as I went. I quickly discovered that food wasn’t just a necessity, it was a passion. I realized that the food I made could be healthy, and seasonal, and indulgent, and downright beautiful. And I became obsessed.

When I’m not at work or in the kitchen you’ll find me training for my next marathon, spending time with my Spatular and our friends, rocking out to country music, traveling as much as possible, and scoping out the best bars and restaurants in Philly. I hope you like what you find here, and please don’t hesitate to drop me a line!


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