New This Month: November

Wait a sec.  The year’s almost over already?  You gotta be kidding me.

  1. Friendsgiving – For the first time since college I was invited to a Friendsgiving 2 weeks before Thanksgiving.  What a wonderful day of celebrating with new friends and for sharing a delicious meal.  I hope that Friendsgiving is a part of my holiday season for years to come.  What a great tradition that really embodies the meaning of the season!
  2. Crazy Sushi – Crazy Sushi sounds like the name a terrible take-out joint in a college town, so I was a little reluctant when friends made reservations there this month.  Boy was a surprised, because Crazy Sushi is a shockingly hip and trendy little BYOB spot at 19th and Chestnut in center city.  The fish is fresh, the house rolls are some of the most creative that I’ve found, and the price point is spot on.
  3. New Jams – November was an interesting music month for me with my iTunes downloads including the best of James Taylor, Compass by Lady Antebellum, Don’t Let Me Be Lonely by The Band Perry, I’m Coming Over by Scotty McCreery, and Timber by Ke$ha and Pitbull.  I don’t even know where to begin with naming that playlist…
  4. One Direction – This was too big to be included in the “New Jams” category, but 1D dropped their new album this month and I immediately downloaded it to listen on my long drive home for Thanksgiving.  While home for Thanksgiving I spent 2 embarrassing hours watching a YouTube video documenting their rise to superstardom on the X-Factor.  My only gripe with 1D is that apparently my girl T-Swift [we all know how I love her] wrote the song Trouble about Harry Styles, who she dated for about 2.7 seconds a couple years ago.
  5. The Blockley – Speaking of music, I checked out a new concert venue in the city this month.  A group of us went to the Blockley in University City to see a band called the Red Barrat [or something like that] for my friend Matty’s birthday.  I have a hard time calling this a concert venue, more like a bar with a larger than normal stage.  It was sort of dingy and dirty with a super sticky floor, but the location was good and it was large enough to accommodate those in attendance, so I wouldn’t not go back.
  6. Marathon Cheering – I’ve run 7 marathons but I’ve never had the opportunity to cheer for one in the past.  Countless strangers have helped me through my each of my endeavors with their positive presence and unending encouragement.  This year, instead of signing up to run in Philly, I decided to organize a cheering station in front of my apartment.  I invited over friends from the neighborhood, served them breakfast and mimosas, and screamed my head off for 3 hours straight!  We even handed out mini bottles of water, bananas, and beer [for the brave].  Running a marathon is inspiring, but cheering for one is equally so!  Congrats to all of this year’s runners!
  7. Home – I went home for the first time in 5 months and it was glorious.  Can’t wait to be back in 3 weeks for Christmas.


  1. Snow Driving – I had a harrowing [to say the least] drive home for Thanksgiving this year thanks to steady stream of freezing rain and snow for the entirety of my trip.  I used to consider myself a pro at snow driving [growing up 45 minutes south of a Great Lake will do that to ya], but now I’m not so sure.  Snow driving may not be new to me, but I think I’ve had enough for one year.

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