New This Month: October

So much going on this month that there was only time for a few “news.”

  1. Chicago – It was my first trip to the Windy City and I fell in love immediately.  I absolutely adore the big city atmosphere with the laid back mid-west vibe.  Read my city review here.
  2. Cape May – October was a big month of travel for me.  In addition to Chicago, I made my first trip to Cape May for Maria and Cal’s wedding.  It is the southern most Jersey shore point and so incredibly full of charm.  The reception took place at Congress Hall, a gorgeous, historic beachfront property.  The day after the wedding, we rented bikes and road around the island all day exploring the quiet streets, towering lighthouses, and iconic Victorian homes.
  3. Taqueria Feliz – In one of the most anticipated restaurant launches of the fall, Taqueria Feliz has finally opened its doors on Main Street in Manayunk.  My friends and I stopped by for happy hour the other day and were incredibly impressed.  We only tried the guac and margaritas, but can’t wait to go back and order from the full menu, which is a mix of tex-mex favorites and some strange but intriguing authentic dishes.
  4. The Smitten – My love affair with The Smitten Kitchen isn’t much of a secret around here.  But does anyone know that Deb wrote a blog, appropriately named Smittenbefore Smitten Kitchen.  I discovered the archives recently and can’t stop reading it.  The best part being that any long time reader of SK knows that she met her husband via their blogs, and you can read his first comments right there on her old posts.
  5. Waffle Maker – I’ve been wanting a waffle maker for ages now, but finally caved and purchased one.  Send me your best sweet/savory waffle recipes, please!


  1. Taylor Swift – Yep, we’re back to T Swiz again.  This time I dressed as her for a Halloween party.  I think I pulled it off pretty well, but you decide for yourself.



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