Road To Quakerman: Today’s The Day

Tens of thousands of yards in the pool

Well over 1000 miles on the bike.

500+ miles of running.

$180 race entry fee.

More than 100 hours of training.

24 bottles of Gatorade.

15 hundred dollars worth of equipment

14 weeks of early morning alarms.

A ton of spinach smoothies.

A bunch of breakfast sandwiches.

A few “i can’t do this” meltdowns.

$12 one day USA Triathlon Association membership.

3 new pancake recipes.

2 brutal heat waves.

1 nasty bike crash.

A possible concussion (that I never had checked out).

And today is finally the day.


Thanks for listening to me ramble these past few months.

Thanks for the encouragement and advice as I’ve tackled this challenge.

Thanks for taking a minute to just stop and ask how it’s going.

I appreciate the support more than you know.

Today I will take on 70.3 miles at the Quakerman Triathlon.

I’m excited. I’m nervous. I’m scared.

I have no idea if I can actually do this.

But the best stories usually start out that way, don’t they?


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