New This Month: June

Whelp.  My favorite month of the year is officially over.  Let’s see what new things happened in June.  And let’s all cross our fingers that the rest of the summer is as marvelous as this last month has been!

  1. Impossibly Long Days – June, the official start of summer also means the longest day of the year.  For as much as I whine and complain all winter long about never getting to see daylight, this month is the exact opposite.  I literally have not stopped talking about my love affair with long days.  There is no better feeling than leaving work for the day and knowing that you still have 4 glorious hours of daylight, just waiting to be celebrated.
  2. Center City Sips – Things I like to do on an impossibly long day: drinks after work.  Every Wednesday in Philadelphia during the summer months you’ll find all the twenty/thirty-somethings in town packing into their favorite watering hole for a city wide happy hour.  This was my first Sips experience, but we checked out the outdoor set up at the Comcast Center for my friend’s birthday and it was straight up bumpin.  DJ playing, drinks flowing, it felt like a Saturday night, except that the sun was shining.
  3. The Free Pool – Philadelphia’s best kept secret: the free city pools.  Although small and often tucked  into  a residential neighborhood, these city funded pools are a Godsend on a hot, humid, summer day.  My neighborhood pool is actually the place where I met some of my closest Philly friends last summer, so I can’t wait see what adventures the pool holds for us this year!
  4. Cleveland – This mid-western city is only about 2 hours from my parents house, so my Dad and I planned a little father-daughter trip on my recent visit  home.  Cleveland’s blue collar roots shine true, but downtown has seen recent revitalization.  We attended an Indian’s baseball game at Progressive Field and checked out the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame.  I highly recommend both if you find yourself in Ohio!
  5. The Stratus Lounge – I’ve been wanting to check out this new center city addition ever since the Hotel Monaco opened last fall.  The Stratus Lounge sits on the top floor of the swanky hotel and features a stellar drink list along with a DJ spinning some great tunes.  I was hoping for a view of Independence Hall, but unfortunately the sight line is blocked by another building.  The indoor/outdoor lounge set up is trendy yet comfortable and the crowd is part tourist/part yuppie.  I went with coworkers on a Thursday night and thought it was a great crowd for a weeknight.  I hear the line can get long on the weekends though.
  6. Summer Jams – Its too early in the season to declare a 2013 “song of the summer” but here’s what I’ve been loving most recently:  Florida Georgia Line – Cruise (not the Nelly version) and Shine; Hunter Hayes – I Want Crazy; Daft Punk – Get Lucky; Luke Bryan – Crash My Party; Bruno Mars – Treasure.
  7. Snapchat – I recently updated the operating system on my iphone for the first time since I bought it TWO YEARS AGO.  This has opened a whole new world of apps for me, my favorite being Snapchat.  Am I little obsessed?  Yes.  I apologize to anyone and everyone on my snapchat  favorites list.  I know you don’t need to see a picture of my dinner for 3 seconds.  I’ll get bored of it… eventually.  Until then… I’m sorry.

Not So New This  Month:

  1. Kenny Chesney – I’ve gone to  the Kenny Chesney stadium show EVERY SINGLE YEAR since I graduated highschool, meaning  this was summer #9.  Typically I catch the show in Pittsburgh with my dad and some friends, but because of some scheduling conflicts this year I went in Philly with my local friends.  We tailgated all day in the parking lot of the Linc, then rocked out inside for the 5 hour concert!  Summer after summer and it never gets old.  Kenny Cheseney is the soundtrack to the last decade of my life.

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