New This Month: May

May has been an absolute blur.  It feels like a year’s worth of “new” happened, but I’ll try and some it up as best I can.

  1. Marathon PR – Definitely the biggest thing that happened this month was running my marathon PR.  I’m still a little shocked by it, but now I can proudly say that I am a 3:14:15 marathoner.  Boom.  Feels good.
  2. New Orleans – Second biggest thing this month was my trip to New Orleans.  Without a doubt one of the most fun vacations I’ve ever been on.  It’s a magical place where the beer flows freely, beignets are served 24 hours a day, the live music never stops, and the party lasts all night.  A girl we met on our last day summed it up best: “Vegas doesn’t have anything on this place.”
  3. Chargrilled Oysters – Speaking of NOLA, I discovered a new culinary delight.  Our very first stop upon arrival was the ACME Oyster House (after numerous recommendations).  The house specialty chargrilled oysters are melt-in-your-mouth good.  But then again, anything slathered in an insane amount of garlic butter is going to be good, right?
  4. Tallutos Pasta – More in the awesome foods category, I bought fresh cut pasta from the Italian Market in South Philly for the first time and what a difference it makes!  Impossibly light, yet packed with flavor.  Perfect topped with homemade red pepper cream sauce and seared scallops.  Ah, I die a little bit just thinking about it.
  5. The River by Garth Brooks – I know this song isn’t new. It’s not even new to me.  But it is new that my local country radio station has introduced it back into the normal programming.  Which is great.  Because The River is only one of my favorite songs.  Ever.
  6. Lunch Date – I went on a lunch date this month.  Let me tell you, lunch dates are the way to go.  It takes all of the pressure off since you’ve only got an hour (hour and a half, tops).  Lunch?  Sure.  That’s something I do with friends and coworkers, so why not with a cute guy.  The only catch to lunch dates are that you have to work within a somewhat close proximity to your dude.  It may not have been a total love connection, but we had a nice time and it gave me a good reason to wear a cute outfit to work that day.
  7. Swimming – I started swimming this month.  I haven’t swam since high school.  Let’s just say, it isn’t pretty.
  8. Concert Season – Summer concert season has officially begun!  Roommate and I kicked it off by seeing Ke$ha and Pitbull in Atlantic City over MDW.  Before you judge me for my taste in music, trust me when I say that the show was AWESOME!  It was more like being at a wild and crazy party, than a concert.  Perfect way to start the summer.  Also on the 2013 summer concert line up: Kenny Chesney, Fun., and The Lumineers.
  9. Shore – Not only does MDW mark the start of summer concert season, but it marks the start of shore season as well.  After Ke$ha and Pitbull, Roommate and I spent an beautiful day soaking up the sun and playing silly games on the beach with friends in Ocean City.  It’s nice to see the shore points all back up and running after the devastating damage from Hurricane Sandy last fall.  The marketing plug they’ve been using couldn’t be more true… New Jersey really is stronger than the storm.

Not So New This Month:

  1. Nashville – O. M. G.  The season finale.  Whaaaaaaaat?  I have so many questions.  What is Scarlett’s answer??  Why, Deacon, why??  Juliette, howwwww are you dealing??  What are Peggy and Teddy going to do??  Other important questions include: How on Earth are Deacon and Gunner so dang hot, and where can I find myself a corn-fed man like that?  Could the Stella sisters just sing to me all day every day?  Especially their cover of Ho Hey?  Pretty please?  Where does Scarlet buy her clothes?  More importantly where can I buy Scarlett’s clothes?  Most importantly, how does she get her hair to do that perfectly soft curly wavy thing and how can I make mine look like that?  But seriously, Deacon and Gunner, I love you… both.  Oh and the most important of all questions…. HOW AM I GOING TO SURVIVE THE SUMMER WITHOUT NASHVILLE AND WHAT ON EARTH WOULD I DO IF IT DIDN’T GET PICKED UP FOR A SECOND SEASON???  It has been picked up for season 2, right?  RIGHT!?

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