New Orleans in 500ish words…

 Friendcation – (frend\kā\shən) – noun. – 1. A trip taken by a group of friends. 2. A short getaway, particularly to a city known for its partying and cuisine.  3. An organized escape, not involving family members or significant others.  Synonyms: Girls weekend, travel, fun.  Example: “Sorry I won’t be in the office this Friday.  My girlfriends and I are taking a friendcation to New Orleans.”


When in  NOLA, you absolutely must  start  your  day off  with  a drink.  It’s sort of a requirement.  Some days the morning  beverages will come in the form of champagne and orange  juice.   Other times in the form of flaming brandy in your coffee.  Sometimes both.

dranks collage
Mimosas at the Ruby Slipper and Café Brulot Diaboliqu at Antoine’s.

Your first stop in town will be the French Quarter.  You’ll spend a lovely day strolling the streets, admiring the character filled buildings, floral draped balconies, and quaint shops.

french  quarter collage
Clockwise: Walking Decatur Street; The Classic Delacroix Building; A Traditional New Orleans Balcony; Jackson Square; Cafe Du Monde

While wandering through the French Quarter, you will stumble upon Cafe Du Monde.  The line  will be long, but the beignets and cafe au lait will be worth the wait.  You’ll love them so much, that you’ll stop back for another the following night.  Are you wondering what a beignet is?  Beignets are deep fried doughy dreams, covered in mounds of powdered sugar.  Think a personal funnel cake… but better.

Beignets, beignets, and more beignets!

All that walking will make you thirsty.  Good thing New Orleans is the perfect city for afternoon drinks.  The beer flows and the music plays all day long.

day drink  collage
Clockwise: It’s never too early to start collecting beads; Live music at The Famous Door; 32 oz later…

Day drinking was so much fun, that you’ll want to get cleaned up and head out on the town for some evening sips as well.  Some of them will be classy, some of them will be silly.  All of them will be delicious.

moredranks  collage
Clockwise: Kate sipping a Pimm’s Cup at King Fish; Hand Grenades on Bourbon Street; An Old Fashioned at the bar at the W Hotel.

Looks like you’ve had a lot of drinks, so it’s probably time for some good eats as well.  You don’t want to leave town until you’ve tried all of the local cuisine.

food collage
Clockwise: Brunch at the Ruby Slipper would not be complete without grits and a biscuit; Cafe Au Lait and Beignets at Cafe Du Monde; The southern staple Shrimp and Grits from Antoines; A classic crawfish boil.

You also don’t want to leave town without a visit (or two) to the iconic Pat O’Brien’s.  You’ll enjoy the court yard, but nothing can top the dueling piano bar.  You’ll request songs like Rains In Africa, Wagon Wheel, and even Thrift Shop.  You will undoubtedly sing your little heart out.  You will drink a hurricane, and you will have an absolute ball.

pat o collage
Pat O’Brien’s – Home of the original Hurricane and the famous dueling pianos.

Even after all the fun you’ve had at Pat O’Brien’s, you’ll still want to wander off the beaten path a bit to check out some live and local jazz music on Frenchman Street.

frenchman  st collage
Bar hopping and live jazz music down on Frenchman Street.

The bars are lots of fun, but you’ll definitely want to take in the classier side of New Orleans as well.  This city is full of surprises!

classy collage
Clockwise: Beautiful homes in the Garden District; An evening stroll along the Mighty Mississippi; Jazz Brunch at the iconic Antoine’s

Speaking of classy, you’ll take a walking tour through the Garden District.  Your guide Denver from Free Tours By Foot will impress you with his knowledge of the neighborhood and the city.

garden district  collage
The stately homes and scenic cemeteries of the Garden District.

Why yes, I’ve saved  the best for last.  Bourbon Street.  Oh Bourbon Street.  What do 3 single ladies do on a night out on Bourbon Street?  I think a better question is what don’t 3 single ladies do on a night out on Bourbon Street?

bourbon2 collage
Clockwise: Matching outfits; The Swamp-A surprising favorite on Bourbon Street; Living it up; 1 Hand Grenade was enough; Posing outside the Bourbon Cowboy (another favorite stop); Hurricane’s at Pat O’s (once again, 1 was enough).

Does everyone know the Ellie Goulding  song, Anything Could Happen?   I’m pretty sure it was written about a night on Bourbon Street.  Where else can you drink a “huge ass beer,” throw beads from a balcony, cheer for a “boxing” competition, and have your tarot cards read, all in the same night?

bourbon collage

From the class to the trash, and everything in between, we had an absolutely unforgettable weekend in NOLA and there is no doubt in my mind that I will be back!

So until we meet again New Orleans, until we meet again. ❤


Boom.  Weekend in  New  Orleans.  Less  than  500 words.  500ish words.


Tall One

PS: If you’re planning a trip to NOLA, give me a shout, I’ve got lots of great suggestions of places to check out.  Everywhere we went was based on word of mouth suggestions from friends and co-workers, so I’d love to return the favor!

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