S’mores Brownies

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The Scoop:

I know, I know, way back on Monday I promised you another Super Bowl recipe before the week’s end.  I had a really good one (this one actually) all baked and photographed and ready to go.  But I just couldn’t bring myself to be a good blogger and get ‘er online.  I mean, it was a busy week…  Sorta.

It really was busy in a lot  of ways.  Reason #1: I started a new position at work this week (eek!) which equates to feeling like I’m swimming around in a pool of confusion for 9 hours every day.  I also  had my MBA class on Wednesday night, but other than that my time was consumed by suuuuuuuuuper (not) important things like dress shopping, watching  The Bachelor, playing Catchphrase,  testing out red velvet cupcake recipes (because its almost Valentine’s day and how on earth would  I ever  survive without the perfect red velvet), and losing hours of my life to an SVU marathon.

So here we are the day before the  Super Bowl and I’m telling you to try these yummy s’mores brownies even though you probably already know what you are making for this year’s party.  But really, you should try these!   Especially if you are like me and have been letting “important” things get in the way this  week.  This is legitimately one of the easiest recipes you will ever make, yet your friends and family will beg to know  what they are.  And don’t tell (actually do tell), but these are another cheater recipe because they start with a boxed brownie mix.  You can use your favorite from scratch recipe, but if you are in a hurry like me, just reach for the Betty Crocker.  S’mores brownies look so pretty with the marshmallow topping dripping down  the sides, and the fudgy brownie sandwiched  between the  graham and the  ‘mallow is absolutely irresistible.

This recipe makes a large batch, so it is perfect for a party.  I brought half a batch to  an after church lunch with friends last weekend, then served the  other  half batch to a different group of friends at Sunday Dinner later that evening.  They were  a hit at both events!

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The Goods:


  • 2 packages (8 sheets of crackers each)  of  graham crackers
  • 6 Tbs of butter, melted
  • 1 box brownie  mix
  • eggs (according to box mix)
  • vegetable oil (according to box mix)
  • water (according to box mix)
  • 3ish cups marshmall fluff (I  used about 2/3 of a 16 oz container)
  • Chocolate chips (optional)


Food processor

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The Deets:

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

In the bowl of a food processor, grind the graham crackers into fine crumbs.  Depending on the size of your processor, you may need to do this in two batches.  If you don’t  have a food processor, you can make the crumbs by using a plastic bag, a rolling pin, and a little bit  of elbow grease.  It probably seems like a lot of graham crackers, but I think a nice thick crust is what really makes the recipe.  You need the strong graham cracker presence to even out the other ingredients.  Transfer the graham cracker crumbs  to bowl and combine them with the  melted butter, mixing until well coated.  Transfer the buttered crumbs to a greased 9×13 baking dish (I  used ceramic) and use a piece of waxed paper to evenly press them into  the bottom.  Bake  the crust for 12 minutes, then remove and  set aside to cool.

Make the brownie batter according to the  package instructions.   I threw a few handfuls of chocolate chips into mine to kick things up another knotch on the  decadence scale.  Pour the batter over the cooled graham cracker crust and bake according to package instructions (usually about 30 minutes).  Remove from the oven and allow to cool.

Once the brownies have cooled completely (or most of the way if you are impatient like me), dollop large spoonfuls of marshmallow fluff on top and spread it evenly with a spatula.  Return to the refrigerator to cool  for a couple of hours before cutting into squares.

You can serve S’mores Brownies straight from the pan, but I personally like  them pre-cut because it gives the fluff a chance to melt a bit and drip  down the sides of  the brownie.  It’s an ooey-gooey-fudgey square of deliciousness.  Trust me when I say that  it doesn’t matter who takes home the Super Bowl trophy because you will definitely walk away a winner when your friends find out who baked the S’mores Brownies.

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The Inspiration:

This is the kind of stuff that pops into my mind while running a million miles, sitting in a meeting at work (shhhh don’t tell), or while trying to pay attention  at school.  My body is present but my brain is in the kitchen.




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