“Someday when you’re looking back on your life

at the memories

this is gonna be one of those nights.”

-Tim McGraw

moments 2

Life is a funny series of seasons.  There are days when it seems like the sun will never stop shining and good luck follows wherever you go.  Then there are those other seasons.  The metaphorical winters.  These seasons are often filled with indecision, confusion, and lots and lots of waiting.  Waiting and praying for identity, for change, and for purpose.  Somedays it just feels like the right door will never open.  Then all of a sudden you wake up one day to discover that the door (or at least a window) has opened.  Maybe it’s a change of heart, maybe it’s a person, or maybe it’s the big news you’ve anxiously been awaiting.  It could be a graduation, a relocation, a promotion, a new friendship, or an endless list of other things.  Whatever it may be, this is your moment.  The one where you realize that the season has changed, the door has opened, and the world is full of endless opportunities.

When you have your moment, I hope you take a second to stop and cherish it.  I hope you hug your friend and call your mom.  I hope you are showered with kind words.  I hope you go for a long run with a fun guy and smile every step of the way.  I hope you split a bottle of  champagne with your roommate and eat miso soup, sushi, and  the best frickin rock shrimp tempura that you’ve ever had.  I hope that you drink rum & cokes with cute boys and laugh the whole walk home.  I hope that you fall asleep without a single worry in the world for the first time in ages.  And most of all I hope you remember to thank the Big Guy Upstairs who was gracious enough to open a door for you when you felt like you couldn’t wait any longer.

And if you haven’t had your moment in awhile, trust me when I say that it’s coming.  Sometimes we just have to wait longer than we’d like.  I know it sounds cliche, but the darker the days between “moments,” the brighter that happy day turns out to be.  I have a dear friend who has been waiting on her moment for awhile now, so if you are like her, I just want you to know that it’s coming… it’s coming… it’s coming… just be faithful.  Moments are always worth the wait.

moments 1

So someday when you’re looking back on your life at the memories this is gonna be one of those nights.


Tall  One


2 thoughts on “Moments

  1. This is beautiful, sis. You always have a way of writing/talking that speaks to me personally even if you intend it for the world. I carry those moments and tiny smiles with me through the darkest days. Congrats on YOUR big moment. You deserve the world and it’s in front of you xo

  2. Reblogged this on pace of mind and commented:
    Sometimes the things you need are the little ones. I’m talking a long walk with your dog, a phone call home, and dumping a frozen banana + tsb of coco powder + tsp peanut butter in a food processor (instant ice cream) and this… There’s a reason why Meghan is my best friend in the ENTIRE WORLD. Even when she writes for the world I still feel like her words speak directly to me. She gets me though the darker times with her light spirit and positive beliefs. She just received a wonderful promotion, an open window to fresh change. I’m always proud of her, but when she gets the rewards she deserves and yet STILL finds time to write and give perspective to those who’ve lost sight of it, I’m reminded why she’s “my person” in my life. Congrats Meg! and thanks for these words…

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