If I Were The Bachelorette (Part 1)

This just in… on Tuesday’s we are going to talk about things other than food.  I hope that’s ok.  I mean, I love food.  But there are all sorts of other things I love talking about too, and you guys seem to like it so here we go…

I watch a pretty minimal amount of TV these days but the one show that I never ever miss is the current season of ABC’s The Bachelor or The Bachelorette (the namesake of this blog!).  I’m not an idiot and I realize that the producers control much of what happens over the course of the season, and that 2 people can rarely fall in real love over 8 weeks and a handful of group dates, hence the reason after 25 seasons only 3 have resulted in marriages.  Shocker.

Despite the lack of true love connections, I tune in year after year.  Last night was the season premier of Sean Lowe’s quest for love, so Jess and I invited our girlfriends over for an evening of wine, chick-food, and good old fashioned reality trash watching.  Each season is laid out exactly the same with the contestants going on a mix of group dates and one-on-one dates with their 25 suitors, making eliminations each week.  When only 4 guys/gals remain the Bachelor/Bachelorette visits hometowns and meets families, when 3 remain they go on romantic overnight dates (with the option to “stay as a couple in the fantasy suite”), and the final 2 get the opportunity to meet the “main character’s” family in an exotic location.  Nearly every season concludes with a super-romantic-down-on-one-knee-proposal complete with a huge Neil Lane diamond ring that has been paid for by ABC.  Seriously, the fact that people don’t like this show blows my mind.

The season always starts at The Bachelor Mansion in LA but then the group takes off on fantastic dates around the country and then to stunning locations around the world.  There are lots of twists like competitions  surprise eliminations, and the dreaded two-on-one date where there is only one rose so “one stays and one goes.”  After all of my years of viewing, I have plenty of inspiration for what I would do if I was ever the Bachelorette!  Here’s a couple ideas.  Let me know what you think!

Date #1 – The 5k Challenge Group Date

Running is a very important part of my every day life, so I want to make sure the guys can keep up.  This would be one of the early dates so most likely it would be me and 10 men.  I would wear super cute athletic gear and challenge them to a 5k race.  The prize for winning?  Special alone time with me, The Bachelorette.  There would also be special alone time for the man who puts forth the best effort (aka, the cutest guy).

Date #2 – The Chopped Group Date

I love cooking (duh) and I love the Food Network show Chopped.  On another group date I would take 4 men for a special cooking lesson at the Food Network test kitchen.  Then we would have a Chopped-style cooking competition judged by me and 2 Food Network stars.  The man who wins the competition would get some coveted alone time with me (perhaps a fancy dinner cooked by a celebrity chef) while the other men return to The Mansion empty handed.

Date #3 – The Train Across Pennsylvania

I’ve lived in Pennsylvania my whole life and I’d want to share that with the guys.  It also works out that the PA Amtrak line runs between 3 of the places I’ve lived:  Pittsburgh, Huntingdon (where I went to college), and Philadelphia.

The week would begin in Pittsburgh with a group date.  I was thinking we could start with a boat ride up and down the 3 rivers followed up by playing some baseball right on the field at PNC park.  The winning team would get to stay for the final part of the date which would be a romantic ride up the incline to the top of Mt. Washington for dinner and nighttime views of the city.

The next morning all the remaining suitors would hop on the train to our next stop: Huntingdon.  One lucky guy would have the opportunity to spend the entire day with me exploring the town where I went to college.  We would hike the infamous “Thousand Steps,” have lunch at Boxer’s downtown, enjoy the sunset and some wine at The Cliffs, and finally have a romantic outdoor dinner at the Peace Chapel.

The final part of the week would be spent in my present home of Philadelphia.  There would be 2 dates, a group date and a one-on-one date.  For the group date I think we would do a “tourists in my town” type deal and would have one of those double decker buses to ourselves to see the sites.  We would visit all the historic sites, order cheesesteaks, wander South Street, climb the Rocky steps, and have dinner somewhere cool like on the top floor of the Comcast Building.

The one-on-one date in Philly would be a “day in the life of Meghan” and would be my best attempt at showing what real life is like.  I think we would start the day with a run on Kelly Drive or a workout at my boxing gym.  We’d follow that up with brunch at my favorite diner and some shopping in Chestnut Hill.  In the afternoon I think we would check out a traveling exhibit at one of the museums or do a tour of the Yards Brewery.  To end the evening we would take a pasta making class from the one and only Mark Vetri (sooooo not a part of my normal day-to-day life) and enjoy the famed 7 course dinner with wine pairing at his signature restaurant Vetri (only the top ranked pasta on the east coast… no biggie).

AND, if the producers allow it on the Philadelphia date, the men would be interviewed by a panel of my friends!!!

I’ve got plenty more ideas where those came from, so I’ll do an If I Were The Bachelorette (Part 2) in the coming weeks.


Tall One

PS: If you are thinking Dang, this girls is DELUSIONAL right now… well I don’t blame you.


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