Truthful Tuesdays: Confessions of a 25 year old.

Today I’m back with Truthful Tuesdays Part Dos.  This time the topic is Confessions Of A Fifteen Twenty Five Year Old.  So that should be my first confession.  I think I’m actually only 15.  Like a teenager…. but with a driver’s license… and an income… and her own apartment.  But yea, definitely a teenager.

truthful tuesday 2

Confession #1:  My favorite music right now is Taylor Swift and One Directions.  Do you know who else lives for Taylor and 1D?  My teenage cousins.  Oh, and my boss’ 8 year old daughter.  I can’t help it though… those tunes are just so dang catchy.  (You don’t know-o-o, you don’t know you’re beautiful)  And Taylor.  Man, she just gets it.  I’ve basically listened to nothing else since her Red album was released.  Every song I just think Yes.  Yes.  This is about my life!  Especially Treacherous.  I blare it in my car and sing along at the top of my lungs.  Listen to it.  You’ll love it.  My adults-who-act-like-highschooler-friends and I are also obsessing over Almost Do.  You’ll love that one too.

Confession #2:  I do not have a boyfriend.  But I do have a crush on about 11 different guys at all times.  What can I say, I like to keep my options open.  The trouble is, since I’m basically a teenager, I turn every shade of red when I talk to a cute boy.  I also do painfully awkward things like pull at my hair and fiddle with my phone.  And then there’s that thing I do when I don’t really know what to say so I just laugh a little bit…awkwardly.  Once in a blue moon I manage to do something really cool and smooth and actually flirt like a twenty-something woman.  I walk away from the situation patting myself on the back, knowing it will probably never happen again.  Then I immediately call my roommate and give her a report on the said “cool” think I just did.  Me be smooth… total fluke… it must be documented.

Confession #3:  Let’s talk about acne.  This should be the problem of a middle schooler, but apparently it is my problem as well.  Honestly though, I’m pretty sure its my own fault because I’m just flat out lazy about caring for my skin.  I never wash my face in the morning, sometimes I wait way too long to wash it after working out, and I definitely go to sleep with my make up on every single weekend.  Oh and the cleansing products I use… they are Target brand.  So I guess this confession is actually just that I take bad care of my skin.  Excellent…

Confession #4:  I hate chores.  I hated them as a kid and I hate them even more now.  Paying the bills.  Taking out the trash.  Putting my clothes away.  And the absolute positive worst of all: cleaning the bathroom.  I sometimes wait until the very last minute to pay my cable bill, simply because it seems like an unbearable inconvenience to write a check and put a stamp on an envelope.  And the bathroom thing… well if I don’t have guests coming over, then its not getting cleaned.  I feel like when I first moved out on my own, I got a bit of a rush from doing these things.  It was like, hey, look at me, I’m a grown up!  But friends, let me tell you, the novelty has worn off.  Now I’m just like, uhhhhhh, these chores suck.  My question is, when does a person decide that its time to be a responsible adult again, and you know, actually want to take good care of their home and their finances and their schedule and stuff?  Does that ever happen??  I need a responsible adult to weigh in here!

Confession #5:  I am a Goody Two Shoes.  Hmmmmm I’m not really sure where that expression came from, but apparently I am one.  Recently I had a… errrrr… friend of the opposite sex over to our apartment.  Now that actually sounds much more exciting than it actually was.  In reality what I mean to say is that my roommate and I had invited a few friends over to celebrate her birthday last month and much to my surprise  the guy who I had been crushing on accepted my invitation and  showed up.  As the evening was winding down a few of our guests lingered to hang out a bit longer, my crush included.  It was the first time he had been to our apartment so after examining all my “stuff”: the piles of race medals, the marathon bibs, the Bible next to my bed, the stack of cookbooks on the floor, and the photos from college, he turned to look  at me.  “You’re a Goody Two  Shoes, aren’t you?”  I went silent.  Then I tried  to slip out a clever comeback.  Instead I laughed awkwardly, as I always do.  Because you know what?  It’s true.  I am a Goody Two Shoes.  What can I say other than some of us were meant to walk the straight and narrow.  There are no skeletons in my closet or deep dark secrets from my past.  When it comes to me, the sweet and innocent girl you see is exactly what you’re going to get… and I’m totally ok with that!

Bonus Confession:  I’ve eaten an alarming number of cookies over the last week and a half, and I don’t see that stopping between now an Christmas.

So what are your confessions!?


Tall One


2 thoughts on “Truthful Tuesdays: Confessions of a 25 year old.

  1. This is a brief kind of combo response to this and your more recent Truthful Tuesday post: I’m sad that I didn’t spend more time with you at JC, or that it wouldn’t be pretty out-of-the-blue to call you up now. Although I had way fewer opinions about myself and life at that point, I feel as though we’ve experienced/are experiencing a lot of the same things more recently. (I’m a bit older than you, but I got a very late start on really living life.) I’m pretty much a goody two shoes, and I really have trouble letting go of harsh words or perceived slights. I must also confess that it made me feel better about myself to hear that you, too, wait forever to send out checks. You are such a get ‘er done-er, and it gives me hope that I could also get things done, even if I am annoyed by stupid little things like that. Anyway, I hope that I get to see you soon; I would like to give you a big hug for being so awesome!

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