DC in 500 words or less…

Megabus is my favorite form of public transportation.  Clean, spacious, efficient, and free wifi… perfect for blogging!

A 3 hour bus ride provides a nervous runner with plenty of time to obsess about the incoming hurricane and how it will likely affect her marathon time.

First stop in DC: The Monuments?  No! First stop was the Marine Corps Marathon race expo!

Actually the first stop was checking in at my hotel on King Street in Alexandria.

Then it was off to the expo.  Marines.  Everywhere.  Holy cow, I was in love.

Hmmmmmm, which overpriced t-shirt should I buy?  I like this one!

Now time to be a tourist and hit up the Smithsonian.  First stop: Air and Space Museum.

Then things got a little more touristy with a walk around the National Mall.

Hey there Abe Lincoln!

Back to Old Town for dinner with a friend who recently moved to DC.  We ate at Las Tapas.  Food was average at best.  Should have checked the Yelp reviews first I guess.

Saturday starts bright and early with a run through Alexandria.

As  a food blogger I couldn’t visit DC and not stop at Georgetown Cupcakes.

In my opinion, it lives up to the hype and was well worth the 15 minute wait.

On to more tourist adventures:  The American History Smithsonian museum.  Amazingness.

Then it was dinner with my fellow marathoner/co-worker/new friend Spatular R.  We ate at The Hamilton on the corner of 14th and F  Street and both gave it a big thumbs up!

Next it was off to the Lincoln  Assassination walking tour with DC Free Walking Tours.  Our guide Erin was amazing and this is hands down the best tour I’ve ever done.  Definitely check it out if you are in town!

Wow.  Busy day pre-marathon.  No question I was going to sleep well!!

Sunday morning.  Up bright and early.  Praying that Hurricane Sandy would hold off just a little bit longer.

The Marine Corps Marathon was unbelievable.  I ran my personal best time of 3:21:10 and made a new friend along the way!  The Marines put on a phenomenal event and I look forward to running it again in the future.

Mission accomplished.

Burger and fries are my go-to recovery meal after every marathon.  This time from BGR in Alexandria.  I can’t even find the words to describe the awesomeness of this meal.

Finally time for some serious rest  and relaxation back at the hotel as I listened to Sandy roll into town.

All megabus services out of DC were cancelled so thankfully Spatular R offered to give me a lift back  to Philly with him on Monday morning.  Has anyone ever driven 3 hours in a hurricane before?  I don’t recommend it.  Scariest experience ever.  We made it in one piece though.  Thank you God.

Home sweet home and finally time to hunker down and weather the storm… or go outside and look like a jerk.  Either/or….

Boom.  Weekend in DC.  Less than 500 words.


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