I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I am a part-time graduate student, working towards my MBA.  I only have one class this semester, but man is it a doozy!  MBA 692: Finance For Executives. Blah.  I just finished taking the midterm and I cannot tell you how glad I am to have that bad boy done and over with!  I’ve been studying like a crazy person for a good portion of the last week so  it felt great to turn in that blue book at the end of three hours.

One of the big topics we covered this semester is expectations and the way they influence the success of a company.  Profits and growth are fine, but future expectations are really what drive the value of a company, both for themselves and their shareholders.

Call me a nerd, but all this studying really got me thinking about my own life.  How do I let expectations control my destiny?  Expectations are literally all around us.   Our own expectations, the expectations of others, and the weird mix-match of the two.

Without a doubt, expectations set the standard in my love (or lack there of) life.  The “lack there of” part is definitely influenced by my often times unrealistic expectations of others.  I paint a picture in my mind of who a person should be and then feel disappointed when they turn out to be someone else.  Like many single gals, I have developed a very strict set of “standards” and often times don’t even give a guy a chance to impress me, saying things like, “but *sigh* I  just don’t want to meet my boyfriend in a bar.”  Well guess what, Meghan, it turns out a lot of great couples (my parents included) met in a bar.  It also turns out that some things probably just aren’t that important.

Ah, then there is this other completely insane thing I do when I finally do meet someone.  I sneak around.  Like I’ll meet a guy, and I’ll like him, and we’ll go out a few times, and we’ll text each other  a lot, and I’ll refuse to tell anyone.  I’m not sure why I do that, other than that it seems easier then being forced to talk about my feelings.  (I guess I’m not a very good girl in that sense because  I hate  talking about my feelings.)  But all the while that I’m not talking about my feelings, I’m building up these unreasonable expectations in my mind.  I start projecting and envisioning my casual “just seeing someone” scenario turning into  a full-blown relationship, so by the time I finally open up and tell my friends what’s going on, I discover that the “boy I’m seeing”and I actually have very different expectations of said relationship.  And that, my friends, is about the time that the whole shebang blows up in my face.  Shheeeesh.  Glad I got that off my chest.   Sorry for all the run on sentences!

But there you have it.  My dating life in a nutshell.  : )

I guess that’s what dating is about though, right?  Finding that happy medium between our expectations and reality.  Or even better, giving a person the opportunity to trump our expectations and open a door to something far more honest than we ever… well… expected.


Tall One

PS: Carrie Bradshaw, I am not.  Going to bed, I am.


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