Watermelon Feta Salad

Well, walking home from the bus today I got caught in a downpour.  Actually the chain of events was this: 1. An emergency update on my phone about a flash flood warning for Pittsburgh (PS- that can happen??  Thanks, iOS6. I guess…); 2. A quick text to my roommate to tell her about the flash flood warning; 3. The wind howled, the skies opened up, and apparently Noah forget to tell me about his boat (though now I’m thinking of re-naming my phone Noah).

I made it home with a broken umbrella, wet jeans, soggy rain boots, and thinking, ” F you, Fall!  Give me summer back!!”  And that is when I remembered my stowed away watermelon.  Yes, folks, Autumn has officially fallen, but Trader Joe is still cheerfully selling watermelons.  So I decided to protest the change of the seasons with this delightfully end-of-summer-esqe salad.


– 1 1/2 cup fresh salad greens

– 1/4 cup watermelon, cubed

– 1/4 Tbs feta

– 1 lime wedge

– salt and pepper, to taste

Serves 1 

1. Spread greens on your plate and squeeze lime over the greens evenly.

2. Add watermelon and feta

3. Add salt and pepper (optional). Note: be sure to check the sodium content of your feta before adding too much salt!

In the words of a famous Pittsburgh-ian*, “YUM!”


The Spatularettes

*The famous man is Tall One’s older brother, Taller One.  When he was a little boy and would say bad words,Tall Mom would make Taller One lick a bar of soap, to which he’d reply, “Yum.”  This is The Spatularette’s favorite quote.


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