We love love!

The Spatularettes LOVE love!  We also love the combination of powdered sugar, butter, and just a few drops of red food coloring.  Did you make a resolution to avoid sweets this year?  Go ahead, cheat a little.  We promise we’ll forgive you 🙂

See what Tall and Small were whipping up this weekend in preparation for Feb. 14!  If we can’t win your hearts, we’ll surely win your stomach!!!

Oreo cupcakes:

Chocolate-sugar cookie sandwiches: 

Sugar cookies with royal frosting:
Red velvet brownie with cream cheese frosting, cookie dough truffle, and s’more mini tart:

What’s wrong with going a little overboard for LOVE?  Yeah, Ben Flajnik and Chris Harrison.  We gave up everything for love.  And by everything we are referring to our Saturday afternoon and our figures. 

Don’t worry… recipes to come!

Tall and Small


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